Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tech Weekly podcast: Google+, Facebook/Skype, US extradition, Archos

Aleks Krotoski, Charles Arthur and Jemima Kiss are reunited in the Tech Weekly studio this week to discuss the latest headlines across the technosphere.

Google+ is top of the agenda, as the social network is rolled out to early adopters. Charles and Jemima are sceptical: what really makes a crucial social networking space? Facebook's relationship with Skype is also under the microscope, as is the future of the 6,000 patents won by a consortium of tech companies versus the coalition between Google and Intel.

The team dissect the implications of the extradition requests coming from the US for a 23-year-old British student whose .com website streamed unlicensed television material. The case has been brought forward by the US authorities because the domain is registered in the US, but the server and the site reside outside that country. Does this hearing represent the future of domiciled copyright ownership, and what will happen when Icann's plans to roll out domain registration mean that countries won't have jurisdiction, but companies will?

And Charles uncovers the Android and Windows 7 tablet market with Henri Crohas from Archos.

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