Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Post: There is no place like home - Brits reveal what they love and loath about their Britain

Brits are extremely loyal to their region with 70 per cent happy to live and stay in their local area, according to research findings unveiled by today. Whilst seven in ten would consider moving in the future, the majority would simply jump from one city to another in their region, rather than packing up and moving far away.


Following the overwhelming number of entries to its Your Britain national photography competition, Bing commissioned a study to find out what really inspires Brits about their local area and the country as a whole. The research found that Brits believe York is the UK’s most beautiful and desirable city, with one in ten opting to move there over any city if they had the chance.


London and Oxford were ranked fourth and fifth out of the most beautiful cities in the UK, however, they are less popular as places to live.  The survey also found that Brits are also far more likely to choose the good life if they move, opting for the countryside (50 per cent) or the beach (30 per cent) over city living (23 per cent).


53 per cent of Scots and 50 per cent of Irish are extremely patriotic and wouldn’t dream of moving out of their country. When asked if they were to move away nearly all opted to sidestep to a neighbouring city.


Commenting on the findings actor, journalist and comedian Dom Joly said: "These results highlight what I’ve found on my tour round the country. Most Brits, despite us supposedly being unhappy and miserable are intensely proud of where they come from and how they speak. It is a slap in the face to the "grass is always greener" brigade."  


Alex Payne, Head of Search for Bing, said: “We’ve had a fantastic response to the Your Britain photography competition with thousands of people entering stunning images of local beauty and inspiration. The entries intrigued us to find out what people think about their Britain and the results show a strong connection with local areas. 


The competition is now closed and open to the public to choose who they think should go in front of the judging panel. They can vote from over 8,000 entries and have their say on what they think best depicts the beauty of Britain today. The winner will receive £10,000 and their image will be broadcast to 16 million people on the search engine’s homepage.”


The Scots proved to be happiest residents with 60 per cent of people in Inverness and Stirling claiming to love their accents and dialects and a further 67 per cent claiming to love the area and living where they do.


The Scottish accent also came out as most popular across the UK, with 14 per cent of us voting for it while the homely Geordie twang secured second place with 13 per cent of votes.

Visit or to find out more and vote for the image that says the most about your Britain.

The top five cities Brits  would choose to live are:

  1. York (10%)
  2. Bath (6%)
  3. Brighton and Hove (6%)
  4. Edinburgh (6%)
  5. Truro (5%)

The top five cities Brits consider beautiful are:

  1. York (17%)
  2. Bath (12%)
  3. Edinburgh (10%)
  4. London (7%)
  5. Oxford (5%)


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