Monday, July 18, 2011

Clever Sense Launches Alfred: Personalized Local Recommendations With A Single Tap

Back in June I wrote about Clever Sense, a startup that's looking to take a different approach to restaurant and other local recommendations. Led by CEO Babak Pahlavan, the service has a strong emphasis on algorithms that are used to customize its�suggestions for each user�(the company is led by Stanford PH.D. grads, and is advised by Professor Jeff Ullman, who was the Ph.D. advisor for Sergey Brin way back when). Their application, called Seymour, was supposed to launch tomorrow morning in conjunction with Fortune's Brainstorm conference, but it hit a somewhat fortuitous snag: CleverSense decided to release it early on the App Store under a different name (Alfred) as a sort of trial run. And then the app managed to acquire 20,000 users in the last two weeks ? so Clever Sense decided to ditch Seymour and stick the the app they've already released.�You can grab it on the App Store right here.


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