Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Blog Post: The latest from WPC

In the lead up to WPC life in the Microsoft MPN team was hectic and a case of all hands on deck. Now, with many of my colleagues in LA the office seems very quiet.


I?m keeping up to date with everything going on, and all the big announcements by viewing the UK Digital WPC Page. There are live twitter updates and also some great video vignettes with some of the speakers, including the UK?s Steve Clayton. You can also find a partner-to-partner overview of yesterday?s key note with Steve Ballmer here. Key highlights touched on Cloud, Phone, Bing, Skype and Windows 7?and 8.


So, even if you were unable to make it to LA you can still keep in touch with the key announcements by having a look at Digital WPC.


Kerry Bentley

MPN Marketing Manager


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