Thursday, June 16, 2011

TUAW's Daily Mac App: AppZapper

AppZapper for Mac

Uninstalling apps on a Mac is easy -- just delete the program from your Applications folder. But what about all the garbage of ancillary files that gets left behind? Zap 'em with AppZapper.

AppZapper is an uninstaller that does everything for you and makes sure nothing is left behind. It'll find things like Services menu entries, preference files and any other small files not stored in the .app file.

Simply drag-and-drop the application you want shot of, AppZapper will then show you what it's found and move it all to trash when you hit the "Zap!" button.

AppZapper also has a more advanced program finder feature that lists all the programs you have installed that are ready for removal. It doesn't stop short of programs either -- Preference Panes, Dashboard widgets and plug-ins are all fair game.

For those apps you want to keep, AppZapper also includes a "My Apps" feature. Simply drag-and-drop apps into a collection pane, and it will then create app "cards," on the back of which you can store license information and other things. Handy for keeping all your registration information in one place for those apps not in the Mac App Store.

If you're constantly installing and uninstalling applications on your Mac, an app like AppZapper is a Godsend. It's quick, easy, and most of all, effective. There's a free trial available on the AppZapper website that gives you five free Zaps, so it's certainly worth a try. Once you've tried it and liked it, the app will set you back US$12.95.

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