Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Power Of Online-To-Offline Is Moving Beyond Local Commerce

While the idea of 'online to offline' for purchasing is proving to be powerful in the local commerce world, the trend of linking the physical world to the web is producing a number of startups that are innovating beyond just purchasing from local merchants or finding a product nearby. Many of the most interesting startups that have emerged over the past year or so are making our lives in the real world better; using data, location and curation as their competitive weapons. And although these startups have presences on the web and mobile devices, they are also disrupting services in the physical world. So who are these startups that are taking the 'online to offline' trend to a whole new level? Below I discuss five different types of startups taking advantage of this trend: Uber, J. Hilburn/Trunk Club, Jetsetter, GetAround, Zaarly and Airbnb.


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