Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Post: It?s Teacher Appreciation Month? THANK YOU, teachers!


Sunday, May 1st, marks the start of Teacher Appreciation Month in the United States. My wife, three children and I live in Rochester, New York and we would like to celebrate the great work of teachers in the state of NY and around the world.

Our children have been blessed by wonderful teachers in the state of NY. We are truly grateful for the dedication and inspiration that teachers instill in a child. They develop and foster dreams; dreams that produce our future leaders and problem solvers...

My wife is a teacher, now a stay at home mom and I have had the privilege to work in K12 and Higher Education institutions. Our family has the upmost respect for all that teachers do.  You are LOVED!

The Microsoft Partners in Learning Network currently includes more than 8 million educators, reaching more than 190 million students in 114 countries. Go PIL... Watch the video above that our Partners in Learning team put together...

We also encourage U.S. teachers to apply for this year’s Innovative Education event – the deadline for U.S. teachers is May 15, 2011. We continue to be inspired by your work and your help educating the future leaders of our global community.

(Please visit the site to view this video)


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