Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blog Post: Bing Wants To Know....

How do you use the Bing homepage to help kids learn? We’ve received feedback from teachers, parents and homeschooling groups telling us about the creative ways that they incorporate the Bing homepage into their daily lesson plans. Which led us to wonder—how do you use the Bing homepage? Do you use it in your daily lessons? Do you use it as part of your geography lessons? Art? History? Science?

Some friends tell me it is a conversation starter with their kids when each day they discuss the image and explore the “hotspots”. Take this homepage image for example (my personal favorite), where I learned that a pack of jellyfish is called a bloom….who knew?  And what a fun thing to talk about. 

Every day, from amazing animals to scenic destinations to magnificent architecture, the Bing homepage introduces us to the stunning world in which we live.

For me, looking at the Bing homepage is a daily happy surprise when I open my browser and wonder what in the world I will get to explore.

I would love to know your story about how you use the Bing homepage, so please share.




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