Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Moom for Mac simplifies window moving and zooming

Moom for Mac

is a Mac utility that aims to simplify the task of moving and sizing windows. Moom can run in three different modes, seen in the image above. The Standard mode will make Moom have a Dock icon as well as menu items in the menu bar. In Menu Bar mode, Moom will only show up in your menu bar, and in the Faceless mode you won't see any sign of its existence at all -- unless you hover over the green zoom button in any window, which is when Moom starts working its magic.

Moom has two ways in which it can be operated -- by using the mouse or the keyboard. Using the mouse, after you've hovered over the aforementioned green zoom icon, a Moom menu will pop-up (above left). From there you can select if you want the current window zoomed to full screen, or if it should only occupy the left or right half of the screen, or even the top or bottom half if you're feeling saucy. The arrow-like icon allows you to revert the window to its original position.

But wait, there's more! If you drag the width/height icons a few pixels instead of just clicking on them, they're transformed into even more options, allowing you to zoom the current window to a(ny) quarter of the screen. How exactly does this work? To make the window occupy the top left quarter, you drag the 'left half' icon up, and to assign it to the bottom left quarter, you drag the 'left half' icon down.

Keyboard mode lets you control Moom with a global hotkey and the arrow buttons. You can set any key combination to be your global Moom hotkey, and set any subsequent key press to do any action that Moom can accomplish. Using the keyboard also gives you the option of centering a window, something which can't yet be done with the mouse. Hit the jump for a screenshot of the entire keyboard shortcut configuration menu to admire the amazing number of ways in which you can customize your interactions with Moom. Last, but definitely not least, you can rest assured knowing that Moom does support multiple displays.

Moom works for 100 uses in its free demo mode, after which you can purchase it either directly from Many Tricks (the developer), or from the Mac App Store. The license costs $5.

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