Monday, May 16, 2011

Blog Post: Bing for BlackBerry app update issues

Last week, we released an update to our app to address feedback from you about Bing failing to return results when your device latches onto an unauthenticated network (e.g. at your local coffee shop)

After rolling out the update however, we observed an issue with the cache servers hosting our application. Over the weekend, you may have encountered an incomplete or corrupt installation as you tried to update the Bing app.

We’ve rolled out a fix for this issue, but some of you are already affected and are unable to launch Bing. We want to make this right. To get Bing back, please uninstall Bing , reboot the device and then download the Bing app from the BlackBerry App World.

To uninstall Bing:

        1. From phone's home screen, select Options

        2. Select "Applications"

        3. Highlight Bing from the application list, then press menu

        4. Select "Delete" from menu

        5. Select "Yes" when prompted to restart

Once the device is restarted, you can launch the App World and search for ‘Bing’ to download the latest version.

Thank you for using Bing and don’t hesitate to contact us directly at if you have any questions.

Bing for BlackBerry Team


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